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From time to time we will recommend or suggest products on this website. The entire goal of this website is to improve your website so I will never recommend a product just for money. However, there are times were a good product also has an affiliate or sales program attached to it. It only makes sense that I try to make a few dollars if I can by recommending or reviewing great products and services that I would have reviewed for free anyway.

This potential income in no way affects my thoughts on any individual product. In a former life I was an editor of a game review magazine and became quite comfortable with saying negative things about crappy products regardless of how much money they gave me. I will always give my honest review of any product or service.

Unfortunately the nice folks at the FCC feel that you are incapable of understanding that in some instances I may get paid for saying what I say and you must be warned about the evils of capitalism. I think you are smarter than that and can tell when someone is pimping a product just for cash and when they are being honest.

Steve –